Human Resources Advisory

We are the first people that many Human Resource professionals call when they need help managing their personnel.  

This is because human resources is a field with ever-changing laws that can impact a business quickly and drastically.  

Businesses rely on us for advice on their legal standing pertaining to day-to-day administrative situations as well auditing and, when need be, drafting human resources policies to ensure compliance and a steady course of business-as-usual. 

We offer a full range of human resources training such as seminars and hands-on workshops on matters ranging from absenteeism to duty to accommodate, managing within a unionized environment, off-duty conduct, drug and alcohol testing, violence concerns, and workplace crisis management. 

There are also times when organizations call upon us to act as their sole source of human resource advice. Depending on the company, this level of HR outsourcing can be preferable to internal staffing.