Introducing the Barteaux Durnford Small Business Info Kit

Kate RossSmall, entrepreneurial workplaces are unique

There’s a popular misconception that small businesses don’t need employment contracts or workplace polices.

When you’re an entrepreneur leading a close-knit team, you develop strong personal relationships with your employees. In many cases, your employees are long-time friends or even family members. It’s easy to cross your fingers and hope that you’ll be able to manage problems as they come up.

Myth: your personal relationship will prevent HR issues

The reality is that while good personal relationships can be a strength when things are running smoothly, they can become an added stressor when dealing with workplace conflicts. Suddenly, there is a potential conflict between your role as a boss and your relationship as a friend.

The best time to address workplace conflicts and other prickly subjects is before they come up, and the best way to do that is by clarifying roles and expectations in written employment agreements and workplace policies.

  • Set clear expectations for you and your employees – communicating what is expected is half the battle and promotes consistency and fairness in the workplace.
  • De-personalize performance issues – focusing on the business reasons why standards and procedures must be followed protects your personal relationships as much as possible.
  • Your team is prepared to help grow your business – when you communicate your business needs to your team, they will be in a better position to help the business reach its goals.

Download our free guide (below) on how you can head off potential headaches and liabilities by implementing user-friendly employment agreements and our top five policies for managing your small business, including: 

  1. Drug and Alcohol Policies
  2. Technology and Social Media Policies
  3. Respectful Workplace Policies
  4. Attendance Management Policies
  5. Diversity and Inclusion Policies

Download:  Barteaux Durnford Small Business Information Kit

Do you have questions about employment agreements or workplace policies for your small business? Get in touch!

Kate Ross is an associate at Barteaux Durnford whose practice includes a focus on small business employment law issues. Whether it's drafting contracts and policies or providing advice during termination, Kate's understanding of the business and the personal side of employment law enables her to find creative solutions that work for her clients.

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