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Human Rights: Emerging Issues

In our recent six-part seminar, we spoke with employers about various concerns including workplace discrimination. General information was provided on both the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act and the Canadian... Read more

Notes on Constructive Dismissal

Barteaux Durnford offers customized seminars for employers, tailored to fit your needs, your business sector. Today, Barteaux Durnford hosted a seminar to help employers in six areas where organizations want... Read more

Employee Misconduct

Seminar highlights for employers on employee misconduct in and outside of the workplace, social media policies, workplace romance, and reputation management.

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Hiring Tips: the best employees, the best terms

Highlights from Barteaux Durnford's seminar for Human Resource professionals on legal hiring practices. Topics include: applications, interviews, the Human Rights Act, prohibited grounds, safe interview questions, avoiding discrimination, assessment tools, job offers and employment clauses.

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Marijuana in the Workplace

Seminar notes for employers on marijuana use in the workplace, including: medical marijuana, duty to accommodate, employee obligations, impairment, drug testing and drug policies in the workplace.

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