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FAQ: What Does Remembrance Day Mean for Employers in Atlantic Canada?

Q: What is the difference between federal and provincial statutory holidays? Read more

Court of Appeal Addresses Contractual Clarity in Incentivized Bonus Plans

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal recently reversed an order for damages awarded under a Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) for an employee who had been constructively dismissed in the... Read more

A Trauma-informed Approach to Workplace Investigations

When employers need to investigate Read more

Nancy Barteaux: Best Lawyer Awards

Nancy Barteaux, Q.C. has been placed on The Best Lawyers List and was selected as a finalist for the Best Labour and Employment Lawyer (in a practice) in the 5th annual Canadian HR Awards (2018)

Read more

Introducing the Barteaux Durnford Small Business Info Kit

There’s a popular misconception that small businesses don’t need employment contracts or workplace polices. Read more

SCC Affirms Law Around Random Drug Testing in the Workplace Ahead of Legalization of Cannabis

The Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an application for leave to appeal in Suncor Energy Inc v Unifor Local 707A, 2017 ABCA 313. Read more

SCC Broadens Scope of Workplace Discrimination

We’ve all heard that work has changed in Canada. One of the biggest shifts is that more Canadians are participating in the “gig economy”, meaning they work on a short-term,... Read more

New PTSD Presumptions for Workers in Nova Scotia and PEI

Employers in Nova Scotia and PEI take note: recent amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Acts in both provinces add new provisions that will impact how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) claims... Read more

Be Careful When Using Term Contracts in the “Gig Economy”

In our “gig economy”, employers are increasingly resorting to written term contracts, sometimes of considerable length. Read more

Are Your Company’s Termination Clauses Enforceable?

When hiring a new employee or starting a new job, few of us imagine what will happen if that employment relationship ends. Read more

How Might the “Right to Disconnect” Impact Your Workplace?

The challenge of the “always on” workplaceWhen France passed the world’s first “right to disconnect” legislation in January 2017, the consensus in North America seemed to be that such legislation... Read more

Nova Scotia Court of Appeal Upholds WCAT Decision to Deny Medical Cannabis Coverage

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal recently considered the issue of medical cannabis in the context of workers’ compensation in Skinner v Nova Scotia (Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal), 2018 NSCA 23. Read more

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